About me…

Jack Of All Trades And Master of Tongues..?

Portrait picture of JustinHi, I’ve never been one for beating my own drum, but recently I’ve been told I have to, so here I am. It seems that when you are trying to sell yourself, either in terms of services or skills, then it helps.

So, in brief, let me tell you a bit about me. Over the years I’ve dabbled in a fair few things. I’ve worked in Video Post Production in London, been an Open Water Scuba Instructor in Greece and Spain, been a partner in a catering and retail business in the Canaries, worked in customer service… the list could continue but I don’t want to bore you. Needless to say I settled on working with languages, both written and spoken.

I specialise in two main areas. Firstly Narration/Voice Over – I’ve recorded a number of audiobooks to date – some are ‘out’, others are in post-production and are coming soon. Secondly, Languages – I am a qualified Translator and EFL tutor, with many years experience in both fields

More details on each of these can be found on the relevant pages.

I’m currently based between North Yorkshire and Cambridge in the UK, The North Yorkshire Moors are one of this country’s gems. My parents moved up here when I was a teenager and the glorious landscape quickly etches itself into your very being.

Cambridge has been home for over a decade now, ever since first heading there for University in 2003. Since then, I have studied at both Universities, and lived there while working too – all very distinct experiences in what is essentially a small market town cross cosmopolitan cultural centre in the fens.